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How 3 Teenagers from Bengaluru are (STRIVE)ing hard for environmental preservation

If a few conscious young minds can make significant impacts in the conservation of our environment, imagine what an ocean of such cognizance of youngsters will be capable of. In the day and age, we are living in, a natural crisis has been sought whereby through humanity’s mindless activities, mother earth and its resources are steadily reaching a point of exhaustion. We are facing a critical situation of fear and disarray which if isn’t dealt with sharply, will inflate to pose a fatal threat to mankind’s existence.

In this hour of gloom, hope is being reinstated through the efforts of three sixteen-year-old school girls whose personal stories of environmental consciousness and the urgency to act, has brought them together to start a student initiative called STRIVE (Students Take Responsible Initiative for a Viable Environment) in Bengaluru. Started in March 2016, STRIVE runs on the principle of- ‘From Roots to Results’, working with the hope of reviving the pristine condition of our Earth. Its founders, Chandana, Sakshi, and Nesha, studying in various National Public schools in Bengaluru, have one goal that underlines their efforts and that is the need for environmental preservation should be realized by one and all. As Nesha rightly puts it, “the youth has the power of persuasion” and these three young school girls use it to their benefit to ensure that they receive the kind of positive response they desire. Each one of them feels that volunteering for a good cause motivates others to participate and collectively ‘strive’ to build a better society.


Winners of the prestigious Ashoka Youth Venture award, STRIVE works purely with the help of volunteers. A Collection Drive started by STRIVE is proving to be a fruitful project wherein newspapers from schools, offices, and, hotels are recycled into notebooks which are distributed among underprivileged children. In a way, the Collection Drive is not only ensuring zero wastage of newspapers, but also facilitating the education of thousands of disadvantaged school children who often lack basic resources. The project has been a success since its very inception seeing a mammoth collection of ten tonnes of newspapers!


STRIVE doesn’t stop at just that; STRIVE HOUR which is its second initiative is targeted towards energy preservation observed through the switching off of all electrical appliances for a minimal period of time. This praiseworthy initiative has seen an overwhelming response as the hour is now observed by 700 families, 5 schools, and 3 offices. Some schools even observe the hour for ten minutes every day.

It is true when it is said that it is the slow yet the steady who win the race, STRIVE’s founders too have slowly paved their way and awakened within people the urgency to take responsible action towards maintaining a healthy environment. Their age has never deterred them from reaching their target; alternatively, they have been able to influence adults from whom they have received support and encouragement. It is because of their dedication and the realization that it is today’s youth who can make an impact, that these young girls have been able to raise significant funds for their initiatives through fundraising events whenever the need has arisen.

Students with recycled Notebooks by STRIVE

To ensure that STRIVE doesn’t lose force in its mission, the young founders plan to pass on the baton to their school juniors once they leave the city for higher studies to carry on the inspiring work started by STRIVE. Working for STRIVE has made them sincere citizens with the discipline of time management, and a never give up attitude deeply embedded in their minds. STRIVE is a living example of successful initiatives started by the young. Its founders showcase the spirit of planned action and send forth the message that small steps make huge impacts and no genuine effort ever goes in vain.

If you want to know more about STRIVE, interact with their founders or volunteer for their initiatives, you can email them at

Nazia Naheed Husain and Akshat Jain | TOC

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