Ahmedabad resident Harish Kumar was born without a limb below the elbow joint on his right side. He faced impediments at many junctures in his life but they never impeded his will to do what he willed for. Receiving an MSC from IIT Roorkee and an M.Tech from IIT Delhi, Harish worked in the telecom sector for almost 18 years. It was during this period that he started finding out ways that could give him better autonomy and independence and driving came as a great fit. He taught himself how to drive a vehicle, a normal vehicle without any specific modification. The feeling was immaculately empowering. But, during his arduous journey, he was disheartened to see there were no special driving schools, no authorization, or no specific system for vehicle modification for people with disability.  Today, he is helping hundreds of people who have gone through the same issue by starting India’s first ever driving school for the physically challenged and those with a disability.

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