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Leaving behind an impoverished upbringing to create street plays & awareness sessions on women equality & safety

Saloni, with her friends, understood their constitutional rights and duties by convincing the People of Harda to educate their daughters under the Samvidhan Live! The Jagrik Project public initiative by ComMutiny – The Youth Collective

Saloni had lived in a slum her whole life. She saw mothers of her friends working as house maids. She witnessed numerous alcoholic fathers who would beat up their wives every day. She encountered innumerable obstructions to herself and the girls around her. But, she never let that stop her in any way.

When in school, she had learnt about her fundamental rights and duties, granted upon by The Constitution of India. “But, do we really understand these duties and imbibe the essence of our rights?” she thought.  Samvidhan Live! The Jagrik Project –  a nationwide campaign initiated by ComMutiny – The Youth Collective in collaboration with 22 partner organisations in 14 states engaging more than 600 youngsters by making them live the Constitution for 5 weeks through various social action tasks – and in collaboration with Synergy Sansthan, a youth organisation which aims to create awareness about hygiene, health,women empowerment and local self-governance, helped Saloni in materializing her thoughts on duties and rights.


As part of Samvidhan Live! The Jagrik Project Saloni, along with her teammates, conducted a Street Play in the Nehru Park of Harda – a popular recreational site that attracted a large audience. The play explained the merits of education and gender equality. “Although our enthusiasm was appreciated, but a group of boys mocked us. They threw taunts at us. But, we stood strong. All of us.” Says Saloni proudly.

Saloni and her teammates also tried convincing the parents of other girls in her area, to send them to school and to complete their education. They also tried to promote extra-curricular activities like Dancing and singing and martial arts like Karate amongst girls of the slum community. They have motivated the parents to send their girls to Karate classes so that they can learn to protect themselves in adverse situations, keeping in mind surrounding in which they live in.

Information and awareness on Right to Education and Right to Equality have an immense importance in these politically and socially radical times. Youngsters like Saloni who even feared to go out of their homes are now standing valiantly due to their new found knowledge of Fundamental rights and duties. Their constitutional beacon is a source of awareness, especially when times and circumstances are dark for people. If more and more spaces and opportunities like Samvidhan LIVE! The Jagrik Project can be created that will allow young people to explore and expand their leadership then upholding the Constitution would not remain such a far off dream.

Akshada Bhise | TOC

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