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Rohit instigating constitutional literacy at home first

Rohit, a youth facilitator, decided that instead of spreading awareness on the constitution to others, why not begin it with his own family first. He shared the concept of the public initiative, Samvidhan Live! The Jagrik Project designed by ComMutiny – The Youth Collective (CYC) with his father and made him perform tasks as a …

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rural girls from Gujrat are living the constitution

Girls from Serisha village in Gujarat are helping in the betterment of their community and breaking their orthodox cages by playing simple games that help them understand the constitution. Bhavik Sharma, a graduate in Gujrati Literature, first started working in the field of education when he joined Sauhard – a non-profit organization from Ahmedabad working …

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Samvidhan Live

In an exclusive conversation, Key members of Synergy Sanstha, Anhad Pravah, Bharat Calling and Agrini talk about their take on constitutional literacy and the steps they have taken for its implementation with ComMutiny – The Youth Collective’s Samvidhan Live! The Jagrik Project Even as we celebrate India’s rich diversity and plurality, we need to sit …

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