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The red roses blooming all around and lovers watching the sunset by the seashore. It’s that time of the year when air breathes love. With Valentine’s day being right around the corner, shops are decorated with red hearts and windows are popping with romantic deals. Valentine’s day is an extravaganza on its own and along …

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Habibganj Railway Station will once again create history. India’s first ISO 9001 certified railway station will now also become the country’s first private railway station. Habibganj Railway Station, a railway station in the suburbs of Bhopal will ideate a new concept for railway stations in India. Getting renovated under a public-private partnership (PPP), people will …

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Economic stability, occupational shaming, cleanliness and a sensitized society are some of the most important goals for any country and the efforts of an individual in achieving these goals go a long way. Paperman, a Chennai based company founded in 2010, believes in contributing for the successful achievement of these goals. In a span of …

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