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Menstrual Hygiene

Suhani Jalota, a Queen’s Young Leader Awardee’s MYNA has been revolutionising the health condition for rural women in India by produces low-cost, eco-friendly sanitary pads

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Sepi, being a small village has much more to it than being the gateway to the Sandakphu trail. With tiny houses painted so variedly, you feel you have opened a graphic novel; wildflowers blooming just fine without the constant touch and brushing of human hands; even the dogs are so furry that you may confuse …

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An initiative by the Madhya Pradesh Railway Authorities and Aarushi for Maintenance of Menstrual Hygiene among women. The New Year indeed began on a happy note for the women at Bhopal Railway Station when a Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine was installed and inaugurated on the 1st of January. Bhopal became the first ever city in …

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