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How Gramiksha is changing the lives of deprived children and the volunteers working for them by way of education

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In Chess parlance, Checkmate is the position in which a player’s king is in check, threatened with capture, and there is no way to remove the threat. Essentially, this means that a player has potentially lost. But, this term has transcended into routine lingo to signify ‘Defeat’. But, Chess prodigy Devanshi Rathi’s initiative Project Checkmate tries to reverse the literal effect …

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How Mind Piper, a New Delhi based social enterprise, is using an integrated framework to address mental health issues for the underserved in India   A student from a low-income rural family was anxious about the preparation for the 12th Board examinations. He would stay fixed for hours with books, yet wouldn’t be able to …

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water ATM

Connaught Place in New Delhi, with its concentric structure and Georgian style buildings, can easily be called the heart of the city. People stand in long queues and muscle through crowds to check out a new shop, an apparel store, a milkshake stand, get reservation at a new restaurant or even try out a new …

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Iftkhar Ali

The fruits are never hanging low for some people. For them, even simple acts such as getting out of the bed on their own or being able to walk the perfect way is very difficult. But those, who instead of surrendering to their misfortunes take them as a challenge and overcome their disabilities, are the …

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Quick thinking and vigilant actions lead to pronounced results. These words were infused with life after the actions of two teenage Boys, Rohti and Nitin, from New Delhi. They were nonchalantly sitting in their balcony when they spotted a GoAir flight with its tail on fire and a streak of smoke arousing out of it. …

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LECIN Team with the kids

LECIN : A youth organisation educating underprivileged children with a uniquely developed curriculum Out of all imaginable symbols of a gift, if there is one which can be felt, cherished and celebrated, it has to be education. And 2 students from New Delhi are selflessly imparting this gift to hundreds of impoverished children in the nation’s …

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