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Sahaj International School is India’s first residential transgender school in Kochi. It was inaugurated by transgender rights activists and artist Kalki Subramaniam on 30th December, 2016.This school is a pioneering initiative to curb the existing taboo in the society surrounding transgenders and to enhance the quality of life for them by providing them quality education. …

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We have seen them on the roads, on traffic signals, on trains, in markets and during festivals, soliciting money, not to extort but instead as an attempt for survival. Though times have changed for many across the country, the condition of transgenders still remain more or less the same. Kochi Metro Rail might have an …

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Joyita Mondal

It has been one year and Sapna Debnath (originally Sapan Debnath) is no more afraid of going out alone.  She takes pride in her identity. Being a transgender, after all, is not something to shy away from anymore in Dinajpur, West Bengal. The credit for this fiercely fought and achieved liberty goes to the Dinajpur …

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