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Tuhin Sen

Piyuli Ghosh

Khyati Gautam

Tannison Mathews

Nazneen Kachwala

Nazneen is a content developer at The Optimist Citizen and a qualified Electrical Engineer. Ever since childhood, Nazneen is passionate in working towards the betterment of the society and is popular among her peer group for her revolutionary ideas. Belonging to the Salmaan Khan fan club otherwise, Nazneen loves spending her leisure time writing poems, watching documentaries of the stars and galaxies and science fiction and is sometimes occupied with gardening.

Prajwala Ghate

Prajwala left a lucrative career in Finance to follow her passion of writing. When not reading or writing, she can be found listening or humming Coldplay, experimenting in the kitchen, eating interesting food (mostly savouring desserts), admiring art, crafting interesting things, exploring and traveling to new places. Spends-a-LOT-of-time-on-the-internet (read most of the day).


Milaap is a crowdfunding website that addresses the many challenges of giving such as difficulty in discovering the right causes, trust deficit and overall donor apathy. They share stories of (pre-qualified) individuals and groups with a network of its trusted community and partners, who either specialize in providing and managing microloans to their local communities, or can connect with the cause to help with a donation

Ujjwala Sinha

Ujjwala Sinha is currently pursuing bachelor's in psychology. Known for her inquisitive nature and love for interacting with new people. She believes in exploring the place rather than visiting it. And enhancing it with literature and a die hard fan of reading.

Khyati Pathak

Khyati Pathak, a level headed and a prudent person, is currently working as a content writer at The Optimist Citizen and is pursuing BE. She firmly believes in thinking before acting. A fierce advocator for women empowerment, she does all her work with a full fleged heart. Though an introvert outside, she is an extrovert at heart, and always believes in doing the right things.

Shikha Sehrawat

Shubhi Awasthy

Sonal Paliwal

Sonal Paliwal is working as a Content Developer at The Optimist Citizen. An IT-engineer by education her love for writing trumped any programming she may have learned in college. She is a bibliophile and also a huge fan of romcoms and “Friends”. A self-certified Potter-head, she has read the Harry Potter novels countless times and is still waiting for her letter from Hogwarts. She also harbors a profound passion for dance.

Srishti Sinha

Debarati Choudhary

Debarati is presently pursuing Bachelors in Social Sciences. She is an absolute outgoing and extrovert, accounting the presence of her huge friend circle. She is a bookworm, and a couch potato at times, but loves going on trips amidst nature. A pure Bengali, mad about Rabindranath Thakur and Golgappa.

Chirag Nihalani

Shruti Gupta

Tushar Katiyar

I am currently pursuing a liberal art course in Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University in Gandhinagar. I have always had a knack for creative writing, whether it be essays, poems, scripts or articles. Writing and creating something unique and new has always excited me. I am not a huge talker, but definitely like to listen and engage in intriguing conversations with others. Other than writing, I am also a huge football fan and love to both play as well as watch the beautiful game.

Manya Gumashta

Manya Gumashta, is working as a content writer at The Optimist Citizen and is currently pursuing BE. Known for her amiable though introvert nature, Manya proudly boasts of being the biggest philozoic ever. She is a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky person who loves food and books. Though a mess in everyday life, she is all sorted, at the time of crisis.

Diksha Kakkar

Sarah Khan

Currently pursuing bachelors in English Literature (specialization). I can describe myself as an amiable and out-going person. I an avid book reader and my favourite book 'The Wuthering Heights' by Emily Bronte. I love to cook and go hiking.

Aditi Chandrasekar

Rishab Shaju

Tashaa Bekal

I am currently pursuing my Bachelors in English, Journalism and Psychology. I enjoy writing and spend most of my time drawing and painting random things. I am a dog lover and enjoy cuddling my dog who for some reason hates it.

Sangeet Giriraj

Enthusiastic, garrulous but a nerd who loves his books, good voice but a bad singer. Loves music and believes in himself.

Oishani Ghosh

Anshita Soni

Tanvi Desai

Tanvi is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Sociology and English. She might seem shy and soft-spoken when you initially meet her, but once you get to know her, she can and will drive you bonkers. Being quite weird herself, you can talk to her about anything, be it about life or about your uncle's nose, and she will be ever-ready to listen. Tanvi enjoys writing and reading, and also has an avid interest in learning new languages.

Shrija Ganguly

Parthabi Kanungo

Hailing from the city of temples, a student of class 11th Humanities and an aspiring lawyer, Parthabi is your girl next door with the hint of a fiery ambition. An avid debater from her early school days and a subsequent MUNer, she is never scared to speak out her mind, all with a hint of diplomacy, of course. An amateur writer and an ardent reader of thriller, fantasy,philosophy and historical fiction, her creative side never really remains unseen. Being someone who takes a keen interest in politics, law and international relations, her ultimate goal remains working for the United Nations.

Alveena Ahmed

Alveena is currently doing her Engineering in Electronics from Oriental Institute of Science and Technology. She's known for her critical thinking and leadership skills. She loves observing people and one of her favourite pass time is to analyse characters.


Shubham Khairnar

Shubham is currently pursuing Bachelors in Electronics and telecommunication engineering. He is an avid reader and a passionate writer. Due to his calm personality, Shubham is a really easy person to get along with.

Shrish Ukhalkar

Ayushi Shrivastava

"Ayushi Shrivastava is currently pursuing Bachelors in English Honours. She loves reading modern literature and enjoys taking part in debates. An ambivert often found enjoying coffee in the aesthetic corners of the city.
Occasionally loves taking pictures of sunsets and the world around. Someone who enjoys reading philosophical poetry and playing with dogs."

Akshada Bhise

Ms. Akshada Bhise is working as a Content Developer at The Optimist Citizen and is an Economics graduate. Lauded for her punctuality and sincerity. Akshada is known for her practicality at the time of crisis, she knows how to keep calm in extreme situations. A fond lover of movies and songs, she enjoys entertaining people around her. She has a keen interest in photography,and wishes to pursue this passion in the near future.

Vinodhini K

Sia Ahuja

Niveditha Purushothaman

Niveditha is currently working as a curriculum and content developer. She is attracted to the earth, wood and wordplay. Dogs, beaches, and rides make her happy. A right brained adventure seeker, she finds solace in things simple and novel.

Village Square

Village Square is an integrated communications initiative that seeks to inform, analyse, engage and promote rural India among a wider audience.

Arunima Ghosh

Arunima Ghosh is currently pursuing Bachelors in Architecture from IIEST, Shibpur. She is an old soul with a futuristic template, trying to adjust to this chaotic present. She is floating somewhere between a voracious reader and a passionate writer.


Suma Perumal

Suma is currently pursuing BA Sociology, secretly wishing to change the world singlehandedly! Believes in food as the cure for all worldly issues! Loves self but not too high to be called a narcissist.

Tamanna Sengupta

Tamanna is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in biotechnology, along with a part time job of freelance writing. She has a passion for literature, and a way of penning down thoughts. She is an animal lover, an avid reader, and a proud Bengali.

Anjila Qureshi

Anjila Qureshi is Currently pursuing B.A. English(hons.) from the Bhopal school of social sciences.She is usually found lurking in the Baconian essays, biblical allusions, Shakespearean Sonnets, Gray's Elegies, Diasporan literature, existential texts and american classics etc. She describes herself as a person who is always on a reading vacation and a writing spree. She likes to have a plethora of diaries. She loves music, art, poetry, rain, chivalry and everything literary.

Internship Coordinator

Rutuja Rokade

Rutuja Rokade, studying in 12th grade, science. Am an avid reader with philosophy in excess for my age. Believe science to be one of the best rationales towards life. Am a medical aspirant, but open-minded for any belief should it shake my beliefs. I refuse to take things at face value, am brought up to be introspective and optimistic (both sides of the same coin). Love writing -paper and pen is the ultimate freedom!

Neeladri Bhattacharjee

Neeladri is currently pursuing Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering. A passionate football fan with interest in poetry, he loves telling stories and listening to them, and eventually learning.

Abesh Bera

Gunjan Mishra

Gunjan Mishra is working as a Content Developer at The Optimist Citizen and is currently pursuing her bachelor's in Computer Science Engineering. Lauded for her dedication and sincerity, Gunjan is known for her radical behavior and practicality at the time of crisis. A fond lover of Music (all genres), holds special affection for basketball & rifle shooting but enjoys all sports, she also cherishs reading novels in her free time. Blessed with a vivid mind, she has interest in learning about new technologies and developments in all fields.

Ashley John

Crispin Ann Innes

Hey! Crispin here! Presently pursuing my MSc in International business from Paris. An ambivert by nature, an avid reader and passionate about writing. Love the outdoors! Baking, cooking, dancing and singing are my favorite hobbies or pastimes!

Lavanya Rana


Nayana Subramanya

Nayana is currently pursuing Bachelors in English, Journalism and Psychology. She is shy but loves having meaningful conversations. She tries to read more often than she watches screens.

Jyoti Yadav

Jyoti has done her B.A(H) in English from Lady Shri Ram College for Women. She pursued her M.A in Development Studies from TISS,Mumbai. She is known for her inquisitive nature with a philosophical bent of mind to things around her in general. She possesses interest in refugees, education, Secular ethics,metaphysics, spirituality, Buddhist philosophy and issues of national and international importance.

Aarushi Batra

Ayushi Jain

Media Konnect

Media Konnect is exclusively designed ‘Online Global Exchange and Collaboration Platform’ for content creators around the globe. It caters to the challenges posed by media and entertainment industry by bridging up the entire industry personnel in order to discover, connect and collaborate on a streamlined spectrum. With an aim to eliminate the conventional chaos of networking thereby creating a hassle-free and fair port for creative professionals; we intend to grow as a germinating ground for all those who wish to grow with the framework of media and entertainment world.

Mansi Jaiswal

I am currently pursuing B.Com (Hons.) from Benaras Hindu University. I am known for my resourceful and ambivert nature. I dote writing. Additionally I am a bibliophile and like adventure. One can withal call me marginally fitness lover. Also I am remotely moody, and when it comes to my work I like things to be impeccable.

Apoorva Mujumdar

Leena Radjibaly

Leena is French but originally traces her lineage from India. She has spent a few years evolving in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation in France. After three years of innovation consulting at Bluenove and after starting her own company, she decided to travel to India to reconnect with her origins and gain a better understanding of the specificity of this growing economy. Currently she is based in Mumbai.

Visakha Mundra


Rubaroo is a youth development organization based in Hyderabad, India since 2013. Rubaroo works with young people and people who influence them, inspiring leadership for social change. Rubaroo aims to be an empowering space where young people co-create the space to understand themselves better, understand issues that are relevant to their lives and surroundings, take up action in society and build better relationships, to become socially conscious leaders in their own capacity.

Fiona Jothi Sylvester

Fiona believes that finding a four-leaf clover will be the epitome of success in her life. An avid reader, enthusiastic artist and reluctant engineer, she says that winning over her heart can be achieved in multiple different ways, and all of them include food.


Vision India Foundation

Vision India Foundation is a ‘A modern Nation-Building movement' that identifies, trains and mentors bright young minds to make them agents of change. By investing in young individuals, they focus on systemic, long-term reforms by working on public policy, governance and institutional frameworks of the nation.

Manasa Suresh Shastri

Chandrani Sinha

Chandrani Sinha is a Guwahati-based independent journalist and activist who has a diverse set of interests in the development sector, ranging from Gender, Politics to Environment.

Anannya Saraswat

I am currently pursuing Bachelors of English Honors(2nd year) from PGDAV College, Delhi University. I possess keen observation skills, believe in learning something new with each experience, has a never giving up attitude and keen on improving myself everyday. I believe in incremental growth. Love to read books, both fictional and factual. I am a person who likes to interact with people who can inspire in some or the other way.

Ritika Chauhan

Ritika Chauhan is a law student in her third year. She can find words to describe anything and everything but herself. She loves everything zero-waste, minimal and vegan.

Prakhar Bhartiya

Prakhar Bhartiya is the Co-founder of Indian School of Democracy and Former Founder, ex-CEO of Youth Alliance. He recently completed his Executive Masters in Public Administration from University at Columbia.

Tanvi Naik

Tanvi is currently pursuing bachelors in arts majoring in sociology. She aspires to do masters in anthropology. She is an ambivert and enjoys quite some time being alone reading books and watching yet another series online. Her interests also include poetry, trekking, and cuddling with cats and dogs.

Ishita Lohani

Riya Negi

A girl who lives in her own fantasy world, a lover of books, mountains, old Hindi songs,MS Dhoni & chai!

Shreeya Arora

Shreeya Arora is a content writer at AP Janmabhoomi.

Jyoti Bisht

Currently pursuing bachelors in Engineering. I am a person who loves meaningful talks and believes in empathy. I am a fun-loving person often found near nature. Also, I love meeting people from different cultures. A selenophile. Give me a voice and I might answer from across the mountains whilst savoring my favorite food!

Isha Agarwal

Smile Foundation

Smile Foundation is a national level development organisation directly benefiting over 400,000 children and their families every year, through more than 200 live welfare projects on education, healthcare, livelihood and women empowerment, in over 950 remote villages and slums across 25 states of India. To know more about our work and support #MyMissionEducation, please visit

Vasudhaiva Ride

THE VASUDHAIVA RIDE is a project-driven motorcycle journey from India to Scotland: a two year series of collaborative projects working with a diverse range of organisations, educators, artists, community leaders and communities. The Vasudhaiva Ride is our endeavour to create, share and connect the stories of these radically diverse people and projects working towards peace, sustainable living and community well-being.

Srobhona Goswami

Diksha Singh Parihar

Arushi Chadha

Arushi Chadha is pursuing a Bachelors honors programme in Economics from the hallowed Shri Ram College of Commerce. She is a big movie-enthusiast and an avid reader.

Gagandeep Singh

Varundeep Singh

Shikar Mehrotra

Nikita Kothari

Shashank Singh

I am pursuing English Honours from Delhi university. I am in ambivert by nature. I am a marvel fan, and follow politics, international relations and development I field of security and defence etc.

Reshmi Nair

K. Pratyusha Reddy

I am a commerce graduate. I want to become a professor but want to continue content writing as well...I am a bibliophile and careerist. I wanted to be a part of positivity and so I am glad to be a part of The Optimist Citizen.

Nikita Singh

Nikita is currently pursuing masters in public policy from St.Xavier's College. She has a flair for writing particularly on social issues. She is known for her cheerful and friendly nature. She likes reading books, travelling, getting to know people and her love for food is immense. Her goal is to contribute to the development of society through her writings and change stereotypical mindsets.


Yajunshi Tyagi

Kusum Divate

I'm more passionate about writing articles. I am a classical dancer. I boast of being very good at orating.

Aranya Bhattacharyya

Himani Sharma

Udisha Srivastav

I am Udisha Srivastav, currently pursuing Journalism Hons. from Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi. I am hard working, confident and optimistic above all.

Aishwarya Singh

Kinjal Parekh

Kinjal Parekh completed her graduation in Commerce in April'18 and is currently pursuing CFA. She is deemed crazy for believing and being in love with novels and quite often overthinks about overthinking. A book sniffer, often found lost inside a fictional world and dreams about changing the world - One smile at a time.

Khushi Dua

Jigyasa Suryawanshi

I am Jigyasa Suryawanshi, pursuing my Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication from DAVV, Indore. I have keep interests in oratory and writing. An extrovert, bubbly and thoughtful person who loves to read, travel and observe.

Chirag Ghodke

Riya Mishra

Riya Mishra is pursuing Bachelors in Statistics from Delhi University. She is known for her remarkable ability to adapt in any kind of ambience. She is an avid observer, reader and voracious writer. She writes actively on Instagram, Quora and . She is a NCC cadet, Volleyball player and Athlete. Reading books and scribbling are her cherished past times

Srishti Dhameja

A mentally 40 year old teenager, coerced into hanging out with 20 year old is what aptly describes me. A student of Bachelors of Mass Media and in the constant pursuit of finding my passion and fulfilling it simultaneously after achieving 18 hour sleep a day. Just kidding, I am very hard working.

Tarini Singh Kala

Tarini Singh is an inquisitive Mass Media student seeking deep dish pizzas and validation. She’s a quirky and congenial being who finds solace in books and tv shows. She has a reputation of getting work done – and with a smile on her face! She aspires to make it in the world of advertising while fulfilling her penchant for writing.

D.Krishna Prasad

Nidhi Vishwakarma

An avid book reader, a digital marketing enthusiast and a writer by soul!

Subhoshree Bhowmic

Subhoshree ia currently pursuing her bachelors in Comparative literature from Jadavpur University. She plans to continue her masters in this subject as well. Subhoshree is an avid reader and an amateur painter and also has a keen interest in music. Subhoshree is known for her quiet and introvert nature and is fun loving and boasts of being a great foodie.

Rida Anwar

Ankita Roy

I'm pursuing btech in engineering ( IT stream). I'm an extrovert who loves making friends and getting to know people and their stories. Adventurous, fun loving and neat are some of the words used to describe me. I'm addicted to caffeine and I absolutely love Asian and Chinese cuisine.

Madhur Anand

Kartik Khanna

Being a mechanical engineer and currently pursuing masters, the Man has enough technical knowledge but also a craving for reading and writing about almost everything and anything. The man boasts of his introvert nature, because the man believes in raising words rather than voice just like the rain and not thunder, which makes a flower grow.

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