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Tech Start-up from Kerala develop a device that can instantly disinfect the air in closed spaces

Alappuzha- based tech Start-Up ‘All About Innovation’ has launched Wolf Airmask – a device that instantly sterilizes the air inside any closed space. This device is a promising key for making public spaces during the ‘new normal’.

How does it work?

We fall ill because of disease-causing organisms like bacteria/virus/fungi. These are pathogens in a broader sense. Wolf Airmask was developed on the concept of ‘Plasma Chemistry’ to deal with all these shortcomings. Fundamentally, the device releases a stream of only negatively charged ions into the room, destabilizing some of the molecules in the air. The destabilized molecules then bind with the potential pathogens that might infect humans. When they do so, they neutralise the pathogen such that it doesn’t cause any harm when breathed in. 

Alappuzha- based tech Start-Up ‘All About Innovation’ has launched Wolf Airmask - a device that instantly sterilizes the air inside any closed space.

Early Steps

Research told them how the method of ‘Ozone sterilisation’ is used in various parts of the world. However, the ozone generators are very expensive, making the solution unapproachable for a small-scale business. Moreover, it is essential to evacuate the areas before sanitizing them with this method. This makes the solution practically futile for the places with moving crowds.

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The story behind the innovation

‘Wolf Airmask’ wasn’t the first attempt at the management of the pandemic for Allappuzha based start-up. “All About Innovation’. Initially, the group began assisting the Alappuzha Covid Cell. They further extended their efforts by coming up with fairly cheap face shields. They eventually found themselves building contactless COVID-19 sample collection vehicles. It was during this time when they came across the problems with the process of sanitizing an ambulance. The process takes around 30 to 45 minutes causing critical delays to reach patients. 

The mission continues

The innovation has also received the Start-up India Approval from the Central Government. The initiative also won the Business Mint-Nationwide Award – Social Innovation of the Year 2020 and the MSME Time-2-Leap – COVID Solution of the Year Award. The company plans to sell around one lakh units in the coming six months.

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