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14-year-old boy starts a venture that is hiring workers who lost jobs during lockdown

Amar Prajapati from Gorakhpur set up his LED lights manufacturing unit in his village to employ workers who were left without any means of livelihood. 

Young citizens are the strength of the country. It is amazing to see them going beyond their books and make sincere efforts to learn and grasp new information. While India is reeling under the adverse impact of the pandemic, many people lost their jobs. The rate of unemployment continues to rise sharply. However, the young brains of the nation are stepping up to take charge of bringing a significant change. Amar Prajapati of Gorakhpur is providing means of livelihood to others with his startup, Jeevan Prakash. The 14-year-old launched a LED bulb manufacturing company amid the pandemic to fix the unemployment in his village.

Gorakhpur’s Amar Prajapati set up his LED lights manufacturing unit in his village to employ workers who were left without any means of livelihood. 

Amar had set up Jeevan Prakash in July 2020. The LED lights company is certified under the Indian Standard Institute(ISI), the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), and the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME). The company manufactures LED bulbs in two ways, labour and machine-made. While the raw material is procured from adjoining areas of Gorakhpur, the finished products are sent across the country. When the bulbs are prepared, within one hour, all the testing work is done. Currently, Jeevan Prakash has five dedicated employees. “Now, the company manufactures 100 to 200 bulbs daily,” said Amar. 

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Amar knew his calibre early on in his life. At the age of 10, he was drawn to the field of engineering. He would bide his time thinking of machines and creating something. When the pandemic hit, the world came crashing down. Economies dwindled, lives were lost, others left jobless. However, Amar saw an opportunity in the crisis. “I watched on TV about the growing unemployment in Gorakhpur. It didn’t sit well with me. I decided to do something,” shares Amar. He came up with the idea of setting up an LED lights manufacturing unit. After discussing it with his father, he decided to attend a training programme on manufacturing LEDs.

With his immense interest and concentration, Amar learned to make LED lights in just five days. Initially, he would make lights at home. However, as the word spread, he felt the need to expand it. He converted the storeroom of his house into a mini manufacturing unit and laid the foundation of his enterprise. With increased manpower and capability, the production soared, orders poured in from the adjacent cities of Gorakhpur. During his eventful journey, Amar’s parents supported him immensely. They provided him with an investment of Rs 2 lacs for his company and continued to guide him in his noble work. And that’s how Jeevan Prakash came into being.

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Amar aspires to become an Electronics engineer in future. Being a student of 9th std, he attends his online classes till 1 and starts his work at Jeewan Prakash from 2 to 6 in the evening. He can strike a balance between academic rigour and his business with his parent’s support. For a kid of his age, starting up a company is not an easy task. However, he did that with determination and passion. Amar fondly recalls how his companions wanted him to include them in his business of LED manufacturing. But, he refused because of their lack of experience. His concerns for their safety shows how at a very young age, he had managed to learn so much through his experience. Amar believes that parents should stop forcing their children to pursue the subjects of their interests by not considering their passion. 

14-year-old boy starts a venture that is hiring workers who lost jobs during lockdown
Amar Prajapati – The young entrepreneur who is bringing employment opportunities for out of job workers through his venture

Amar is focused on distributing his product to a price lower than the market price as he thinks it would benefit the people in his village. At present, the company is running with an investment of 15 lakh. He plans to introduce innovative ideas in his business, like the introduction of sensor led lights that would help in the conservation of energy. The young boy proves that age is not a hindrance to success in life. Being a talented budding entrepreneur, Amar dreams to be one of the top entrepreneurs in the country. He looks forward to growing his business on the foundation of his passion and dedication.

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