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This 21-year-old’s invented toy is educating little children about good and bad touch.

The 21-year-old innovator Yakara Ganesh has come up with a good-bad touch instructor, The Samskar Toy. It will help in educating children about the right touch. Adept information around this to the kids would help them call out predators and reduce cases of Child Sexual Abuse.

The news of child abuse and molestation seem never-ending. It’s almost every day that we come across a new incident. The lack of awareness paves the way for an increase in such cases. Thus, it is critical to teach a child about the fundamental difference between good and bad touch. Yakara Ganesh, a 21-year-old rural innovator from Warangal, Telangana, has made headlines with his latest invention – the Samskar Toy. The interactive toy helps in creating awareness about good and bad touches in young children.

Understanding the working of the toy

The Samskar Toy, which appears as a doll, has a touch and proximity sensors on its chest and private parts. These sensors help alert the user about good and bad touches. When touched, the toy informs whether the ‘touch’ is acceptable or not through an inbuilt audio device.

Samskar Toy made by Yakara Ganesh is a tool to educate little children about good touch and bad touch
The Samskar Toy made by Yakara Ganesh is a handy tool to educate little children about good touch and bad touch. The children would know when to call out a predatory move.

Teachers and educators can use this good-bad touch instructor to educate children about the same. It will help them in identifying threats and prepare themselves for the defence to protect themselves from assault.

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Early Test Runs

The toy received a positive response from teachers across schools, colleges, Anganwadi, etc, where it was used to create awareness about the right touch. Ganesh shares, “Children tend to learn better in a playful environment. This toy will aid them in grasping the good-bad touch concept.” He has conducted many workshops around schools explaining the same through his toy. Telangana State Innovation Cell and many media houses recognised him for his latest invention. 

The inspiration behind the Samskar Toy

Ganesh believes that necessity is the mother of invention. He shares, “While observing people at home or in colleges face difficulties, I would think about ways to fix those problems. This thought actualised into my innovations.” Similarly, coming across articles of women harassment and abuse in newspapers daily sparked in him the need for creating awareness about it and help minimise crimes against women in India. 

Ganesh is a big-time advocate of the need to educate young girls about the right touch. It would prepare them to notice any advances of sexual assault or harassment in future and make them call these actions out.

Yakara Ganesh, a 21-year-old rural innovator from Warangal, Telangana, has made headlines with his latest invention - the Samskar Toy, an interactive toy that creates awareness about good and bad touches in little children.
Yakara Ganesh : The Inventor of the Samskar Toy

Tracing the roots of this creative mind

Yakara Ganesh has been passionate about creating things since his school days. Looking around at the various problems people faced, he felt the need to design solutions that help ease their life. From recycling waste to creating hardware projects, his experiments in class 5 motivated him to take up innovation and materialise his vision of a better world with his products. When he met Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam in class 10, he was motivated to fulfil his dream. This meeting inspired him to become the changemaker he is today.

Coming from a rural background, Ganesh says there have been times when he has had to sleep hungry. On some unfortunate days, he still has to. Yet, the 21-year-old innovator did not stop believing in himself and his innovations and has reached heights today. About the numerous efforts he made to perfect his innovations Ganesh says that the key element is patience. He has deep faith in hard work and perseverance and believes that with the help of the internet and mentors around oneself, one can solve half of the problems.

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Other startling innovations

Yakara Ganesh is also known for his other remarkable innovations, including the Super Deaf Machine. The machine costs Rs 150 in comparison to the costly hearing aids available in the market. Ganesh also received a bronze medal at the India International Innovation Fair (IIIF) for his cost-effective invention.

He says that he is always looking into problems that require urgent solutions. Coming from a disadvantaged background, Ganesh believes that there is a need for more development in rural areas, and rural people must get a fair share of opportunities. He believes the first step is to identify the problems in backward areas; examine their range, and then work around finding a solution for them.

The need to reform education with more application-based knowledge

Yakara says there is a dire need to reform the education system in India. Our focus has been more on theory and less on practical knowledge. He believes that education is redundant until and unless it solves a problem in society. He shares that children should be allowed to pursue their passion and take up a field of their choice. Ganesh believes in facing life’s challenges head-on. His message to readers is to not bow down to adversities and instead fight them.

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