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THIS ABILITY – Defying all Odds against Disability

“The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have”.

The story of Ms. Poonam Shroti who has defied all odds and is inspiring a generation


Ms. Poonam Shroti

“I am suffering from OSTEOGENESIS IMPERFECT-A by birth. It is a disease in which you suffer from multiple fractures . It is a very rare disease. In India hardly 3% people suffer from this disease. This disease hampers your growth and makes you so weak that when you start walking , you fall and break a bone. From the past 30 years I have suffered countless fractures.

Even after suffering from this rare disease, my studies were not affected.  When I was small, people used to come and suggest my parents for home schooling as my bones were very fragile and got fractured easily. But my parents never compromised on my education and sent me to a normal school.I used to have more attendance than other students and I used to go to school even with plasters.  I did my schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bhopal and B. Com from Nutan College, Bhopal. My whole education has been through many hurdles but when I used to think about my future, I always had one thing in mind that all the struggle I had gone through will not go in vain.

I wanted my work to be recognised. Thats why I choose M.B.A. even though everyone advised me against it. I opted finance and completed my M.B.A with good results.  I dreamt for a job like finance manager, but my dreams were shattered when I was rejected on the grounds of my disability.

Getting rejected for my disability left a deep impact on me. That day I decided that so what if others do not give job to people with disability, I will create jobs for people like me. And consequently, I started my NGO with a recruiting firm. Our NGO works for mental, physical and every disability that comes under the definition of handicap.

Creating employment for disable was my primary idea but after 3-4 months, I realised that this is not as easy as it seems to be. We inferred that we need to equip the disabled with skills before recruiting them. So  we modified our goal a bit from “creating platform for disables” to “creating skills in disabled “. So we tied up with 3 special schools in Bhopal and created a batch of 30 students. These 30 students are trained in computer skills, vocational skills and Personal Development etc.

After they have acquired a desired skill set we make portfolios of all the students and float their biodata in various companies. Our team also includes three professors, two HR managers, two marketing personnels and also  volunteers for different courses.

Recently I went to a seminar, where a teacher told us these children are special because they are god gifted. If a special kid came to your home, it means that god has chosen you amongst thousands and you are special parents and everyone related to them should feel special that you can do something.

Success is not living for yourself, success is getting satisfaction in oneself. If you can do anything to someone please do it. One should get into the shoes of these people and think then only one will understand the hardships of these people. Unfortunately, when it comes to a job to specially abled people, the taboo still prevails, but we are confident that this will surely end in the coming future. ”

Work done by some people inspires us to get up from our chair and work for humankind. The Optimist Citizen salutes people like Poonam Shroti, who defying all odd has an optimistic approach towards life.

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