There’s not a single media house which hasn’t written about Bengaluru’s problem with drinking water. You are definitely living under a rock if you haven’t heard about Bengaluru’s water crisis. However, quite paradoxically, the city also witnesses excess rainfall and water clogging on streets. Millions of litres of water get wasted due to this Urban Flooding, which speaks largely of inadequate management of drainage systems. What if this rainwater is harvested? Can every house become producers of water? Will the groundwater increase?

An architect and engineer couple in Bengaluru has found a solution to this with their unique style of sustainable housing.  Chitra Vishwanath, an Architect and S Vishwanath, a Civil Engineer are among the pioneers of eco-friendly housing and are attempting to save Bengaluru – one brick at a time. As they say, all good things start at home; the couple’s house is an excellent example of a sustainable house. Their house nearly has zero water bill for the rainy months in the year and a minimal electricity bill. You read it right. Zero water bill. The structure uses Solar Photo-voltaic cells for power and the entire built structure works on the principle of Rain Water Harvesting. Now, If you just think that their house is brand new and built with modern technology – You are mistaken. It dates back to the year 1996! “My house is 24 years old, and it is almost the same” Chitra says as she advocates that every aspect of the homes they design are more sustainable. Moreover, they are highly cost-effective than regular housing in the long run.

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