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This boy failed 10th class five times but has built more than 40 remote-controlled planes.

This boy failed 10th class five times but has built more than 40 remote-controlled planes.

Prince Panchal is a 21-year-old innovator from Vadodara who went on to build a flying plane despite failing class 10 exams five times. He has since then made multiple such innovations, bagging him a chance to get a special course on aeronautics from IITs and IISc.

“A formal education is essential for everyone. However, one must also equip themselves with skills and practical knowledge,” says Prince Panchal. The 21-year-old from Vadodara, Gujarat, has defied the colonial education system based on Macaulayism. Although he failed class 10 exams five times, he went on to build a flying plane. Panchal has built nearly 70 flying planes and other innovations, including FT Flyer RC, remote-controlled cars and boats. He aspires to design a 1-seater remote-controlled plane soon.

Prince Panchal is a 21-year-old innovator from Vadodara who went on to build a flying plane despite failing class 10 exams five times.
Prince with his grandfather, who taught him how to make remote-controlled planes

Panchal’s Journey to making Flying Plane

Panchal’s journey started in 2014 after he failed the 10th board examinations. He was dejected and clueless about his future. Prince recalls, “Though I failed in my 10th exams, my family did not doubt my potential. My Dada did not let me sit idle. Instead, he persuaded me to build something by myself.” His grandfather was interested in making planes since his childhood. He possessed great technical calibre. At this point, Panchal’s grandfather showed him the way to light and guided him towards making planes. Both of them began trying their hands at constructing planes using easily available materials. Prince used materials such as corrugated cardboard, flex banners, PVC sheets, fibreglass, and electronics.

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Panchal’s primary source of knowledge was his grandfather. He taught his grandson everything that was needed to make the flying plane. After two years of trial and error, research, and development, he successfully built a flying plane that has a range of 1 km. Unfortunately, last year, Prince lost his grandfather to Covid. He wished Prince would continue to work on their incomplete task of making a 1-seater plane. And now, Panchal is intent on completing the last wish of his grandfather. “My grandfather was technically a genius. In his childhood, he made a working model of a steam engine. After he sat in an aeroplane for the first time, he was so fascinated that he decided to make his own flying plane someday,” Prince shared.

A Journey full of Ups and Downs

Panchal has made a bunch of innovations including boats, drones, raptors, etc. He relied on his Dada’s knowledge and information available on Interest to make everything. However, he didn’t have a smooth ride. Prince remembers how in the initial days, the model wouldn’t take off and fall on the ground frequently. The sight invited laughter and mockery from the neighbours. But none of it dampened the young innovator’s spirit. He was keen on taking the flight. And so he did, after which people looked at him in awe. Since then, there has been no looking back for him.

Prince Panchal
Prince now runs his YouTube channel by the name Prince Panchal Maker, where he shares his knowledge and learning with people

Running a Youtube Channel for teaching DIY techniques

Though Prince has failed his class 10 examinations five times, he has done umpteen short-term courses to propel his passion for making planes. The courses include software designing, CAD cam, NX 11, Corel Draw, Solid Work, Master of CNC, and 3D modelling. Prince is also running his youtube channel by the name Prince Panchal Maker. Here, he teaches young enthusiasts DIY remote controlled RC planes, drones, RC boats, RC cars, RC paramotor, RC eagle bird etc. Prince shares, “If my knowledge could be of help to others, I would be really happy. Through the channel, I am able to connect with several people who shower appreciation and blessings on me.” A lot of people get in touch with Panchal after watching his videos and he makes planes on demand.

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Prince’s curiosity led him to become a fantastic innovator who relied on practical knowledge to come up with stunning designs of planes. The way he went on to make his innovations is nothing short of incredible. He shares, “This is the last time I will be writing the exams for the 10th class. Post schooling, I will join my father at work and pursue my youtube channel part-time.” Teams from IIT and IISC visited Prince to see his planes and they invited him to join an aeronautics course on their campus. However, the young boy declined as he is less inclined academically and wants to go his own way.

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