Tools For Productivity In the Quarantine Age

While being under quarantine means you can help save the world by chilling in your pyjamas at home, the disruption of daily life activities can be a little daunting until a sense of normalcy is restored. Working from home is now a norm around the world but since many are relatively new to this concept, it becomes somewhat intimidating for people to find themselves having a lot of free time in their hands and not knowing what exactly to do with it other than binge-watching shows. To ensure that you spend a more rewarding time at home, we have compiled a collection of websites and apps to boost your productivity. 

For organizing and working efficiently

Stressed out about doing your job from an informal environment? Working online can be daunting to those who are accustomed to working in official quarters, where they have everything neatly organized. But we have a collection of websites and software that will make you breeze through work from home with the help of their simple interface and dynamic uses.

Airtable is a collaborative software that helps you to plan and work in harmony with the rest of your team. We recommend it because it is a flexible way to keep track of your project, has a powerful database-like structure and customizable templates.

Trello is another collaborative, list-making application that helps you organize and prioritize your work or project with the help of its boards, lists, and cards. We recommend this because it is easy to assign tasks, integrate your work, has a clean and simple interface that is easy to navigate and works offline as well.

Skype provides you with facilities of video chatting and making voice calls between computers, tablets, mobile devices, as well as the options of messaging and sharing images, audio, and video. Recently it had a tough competition with Zoom in its area, but since the security status of Zoom is currently being debated upon, we recommend Skype as an alternative for efficient, free communication software.

TeamViewer is a software application used for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing, and file transfer between computers. We recommend this because it provides easy, fast, and secure remote access for both computers and mobile devices while transmitting sound and HD video in real-time.

For upgrading your knowledge

If you’ve ever wished to learn something new but did not know how to juggle it with your work, or if you are a student who doesn’t know what to do, now that the semester has come to an indefinite halt, our list of online learning platforms have you covered. You can learn or hone a new skill that is craved for by your industry, experiment with different languages that catch your fancy or impart the knowledge you have by starting a blog.

It is an international online learning platform that provides courses to students and professional adults for a nominal amount. We recommend it because it has a whopping 130,000+ video courses that are affordable and enables people to learn anything, anywhere at their own pace and convenience. Other online learning platforms include NPTEL, Khan Academy, and Coursera.

An initiative by the Ministry of Human Resource Development is a digital repository, containing various books, articles, videos, etc. We recommend it for its huge collection of materials for study and reference for all academic levels and different domains.

Learn a language that catches your fancy with the help of this free and fun language learning website and app. We recommend it for its bite-sized lessons that help you practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing a range of languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, and many more.

This site offers online video tutorials from the best in the respective professions. Learning from the legends from any part of the world is now possible. We recommend it because the teachers are professionals who have reached the highest levels of mastery and have many tips and secrets from their industry that are not usually discussed anywhere else for the people who want to hone their skills.

For learning essential skills for living

Caught up between a job and learning skills useful in the workplace, it is necessary to remember there are a few essential skills like cooking, stitching, home budgeting, etc. that one must possess so that they could be independent and survive on their own. While these life skills are largely neglected by educational institutes and rarely encouraged by the workplaces, this quarantine provides you with the perfect opportunity to learn and master some of them. The websites below offer you help with those skills, right from the experts.

Cooking is one of the most important skills that everyone should know, no matter their age or gender. And nothing tastes better than home-cooked food. Learn to cook new dishes during this quarantine period with the help of easy recipes recommended by the world-class chef Sanjeev Kapoor on his website. We recommend his website as there are a wide variety of recipes with clear instructions and measurements that anyone can try out.

The knowledge of first aid is important to ensure safety. This website gives detailed instructions and step by step methods for using various first aid tools. We recommend going through this website’s first aid page to glean the basics of how to respond swiftly to a medical emergency and the types of medical supplies that you can use.

The Spruce is the perfect site to learn basic electrical work that can help out in times like in the quarantine when electricians can’t be summoned for small problems that you can fix by yourself. We recommend this handy site that not only contains information on the home repair but also on other home-related activities like gardening, cleaning, and decorating.

Sometimes we don’t realize how we spend till we end up with an empty wallet. Budgeting is a necessary skill in life as it helps to record the revenue and expenditure in a particular period. We recommend this website as it provides a comprehensive guide about the basics of home budgeting along with detailed financial education.

For cultivating unique hobbies:

Did you ever answer the question “What is your hobby?” in a job interview, just to find out that you barely had any time to pursue it after joining work? Or have you put off finding a new hobby that you’ll like because you didn’t trust yourself to follow up with it due to lack of time and energy? Do you have kids at home who are bored and don’t know what to do? Now is the opportunity to break free of the vicious cycle of work, eat and sleep, and instead, invest your time in finding things you like doing or reignite your passion for your childhood hobby. 

This retail furniture and home décor website also have a section dedicated to DIY home décor that you can do to spice up your house. We recommend this site because it has many videos and blog posts that help build, create, or take care of the furniture and home decor. Woodooz strongly advocates DIY culture.

This is a website dedicated to function as a guide to parenting and taking care of kids. It has a list of craft items and ideas that kids can sit and make at home. We recommend kids who are bored to try out creating various artefacts from scratch to help get their creative juices flowing.

Drawspace provides online lessons from the world’s renowned artists – from beginners who wish to learn the basics of drawing to advanced artists looking to hone their skills. We recommend this site as it consists of many specialized drawing and painting tutorials and has a vast repertoire of lessons, courses, and books.

The website offers hundreds of free, full-length workout videos from 10-85 minutes long which are accessible to everyone. We recommend this website as they offer affordable and effective workout programs on the web, meal plans, and helpful health, nutrition, and fitness information.

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