Nandurbar district is counted as one of the most underdeveloped districts of India. 85% of its population consists of tribals of the Pawara and Bheel community. Due to low literacy levels, people were barely aware of the global pandemic world is currently facing. A team of ten members from Aadiwasi Janjagruti is now carrying this torch of information to this village.

Rakesh Pawara is a core member of this group. He recalls how he first met the organization’s founder Mr. Nitesh Bhardwaj while having tea at a stall. ” It was one of those over a cup of tea meetups that he showed a short film he made. It was on YouTube. Out of curiosity, I asked if I can also make such movies. He told me I can do it too. He has been my mentor ever since. He taught me everything I know about short films.”

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