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How a 15-year old realised his fundamental duties by creating a jogging track on a barren land in his village

Our constitution labels us as productive citizens, capable to be active participants of the democracy, once we cross the age of 18. But, often, even after crossing the threshold of age and receiving the right to vote,  many of us tend to shed off our responsibility as ‘citizens’ of the democracy; taking a backseat and cursing the government for the worse. But imagine what the nation would be if the ones yet to turn ‘adults’, yet to become ‘productive’, yet to become parts of the political set up, take up ‘development’ in their own hands and strive to change the face of the nation.

The changes, brought about by these YOUNG ones performing their fundamental duties while enjoying their ‘rights’, can be miraculous.

Mohit Badhre is such a 15-year old, who took notice of his fundamental duties as a part of Samvidhan LIVE, a campaign run by Commutiny – The Youth Collective and did an exquisitely thought provoking activity in his village, Pathrota, in Madhya Pradesh

Introduced to this campaign by Bharat Calling, a Madhya Pradesh based rural youth centric organisation, Mohit was asked to serve his community(the residents of his neighbourhood) by identifying one of its needs and fulfilling that, such that it benefits his neighbourhood as a whole. What caught Mohit’s attention was an unutilised, poorly maintained playground nearby, in his neighbourhood. Mohit decided to put this abandoned playground to use, such that it can be a useful resource for his neighbourhood. Moreover, being a sportsperson himself, he and his friends had to walk a long way for their daily course of physical exercise, which resulted in a waste of time as well.

With few of his friends, Mohit started cleaning the field and with intense hardwork created a jogging track along the circumference.  A part of the ground is also now being used by a group for practicing parade in the village. “When I decided to take this initiative and asked other people in my neighbourhood to help me with this, many of them refused, saying that it is an unauthorised land and that they would not be a part of it. But this did not pull me back. I gave it try with few of my friends and it worked. The neighbours are now enjoying their newly found space for physical exercise and are appreciating my effort”, says Mohit.

Completely unaware and disinterested in disciplines like political science and topics of study like Constitution and fundamental rights, during his classroom sessions at school, Mohit has now understood the true worth and significance of the constitution and his fundamental rights and duties and is trying to live and experience his citizenship to the fullest.


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