Q. Is it compulsory for me to have a prototype?

No, we are more inclined on getting newer innovative ideas from you. It is not mandatory to have a prototype or working model ready to be eligible for this contest. However, it sure gives you a little bonus if you have evidences to validate your idea.

Q. Does this mean people with prototypes have more chances of winning?

Absolutely not, the marking would be on how simple and scalable is the idea. The more unique your idea, more are your chances of winning.

Q. How will I get to know if I’m selected for the Final Round?

The announcement will be made on The Facebook Page of both The Optimist Citizen and Why Waste.You will also informed via mails and calls about the result within a day of the announcement.

Q. What will happen in the Final Round?

The Final Round would be a real-time hackathon where you would be given a challenge on to solve.You can either improvise on your previously thought idea or propose a new idea to solve the problem

Q. Who do I contact if I still have more questions?

If you have any more queries, you can write to us at urbanwaterchallenge2018@gmail.com


(Entry Fee = Rs. 200)