Founder of Hillview Organics (US), Mr Shankar had been farming in his 23 acres of land in Vacaville, California since 2008, wherein he supplied fresh organic vegetables and fruits to vegan and organic restaurants. “I got into growing my food due to my daughter’s ill health in her childhood. I became concerned about what I had been feeding her,” he tells. His wife and daughter are still in the US. “I am now a WhatsApp husband and dad,” he chuckles. Though he misses them a lot, he says the 90+ farmers at Maple-tree farm are his families now.

“I had a spiritual yearning to come back to India. I wanted to become a monk but eventually failed after trying for a year. I had too much energy in me to lead a reclusive life. When my guru suggested me to practice karma yoga instead, I decided to continue farming in India.” quips Shankar. 

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