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Visually Impaired musician couple singing their way to success

People have Eyes to SEE ..They had “Vision” for Music

Usually we get so engaged in our lives that we forget to take notice of the extremely precious gift of eyesight that has been endowed upon us. What if one day we realize that our eyesight ceases to exist? Have we ever thought what will be the repercussions to this sudden horrifying fact on our lives?  We gathered our answers after meeting Mr. Amit Garg and Mrs. Divyata  Garg , who despite of being visually challenged have created their own opportunities and have shaped their weakness into their biggest strength.

Mrs.Devyani Garg being awarded by President Pranab Mukherjee
Mrs.Devyani Garg being awarded by President Pranab Mukherjee

Mr. Amit hails from Gwalior and had an interest in music from his childhood. He was a boy with a normal vision till the age of 10, but his life took a drastic downfall when he started losing his eyesight. Where people feel completely lost, dejected and webbed inside the pain inflicting comments of the society, Amit didn’t give up. He formulated his interest in music and catapulted himself on a trajectory of success. He started learning classical music and became well versed in playing the Sitar. “ My first Guru , Ashok Arora ji , who himself was visually challenged, guided me towards this serene path of music, made me churn my brain to the fact of doing something in life and helped me realize my true  potential”, Amit recollects. From the year 1999 till mid 2000’s, he taught music at various private and government schools in Gwalior and then in 2010, he settled in Bhopal working as a teacher at Kamla Nehru School where he strives hard to prepare students in the field of singing as a Classical vocalist. Content and extremely satisfied with his work as a teacher, Amit proudly exhibits the achievements of his students who have achieved laurels in National level music competititons. Moreover, he also has a commendable command over numerous musical instruments like, Santoor, Guitar, Violin, Flute, Harmonium and Synthesizer.

Amit and Devyani with their son
Amit and Devyani with their son

“Creating a balance between Music and Education was a toilsome task for me but I had my parents who were the reason for my success in both the aspects of my life. I completed my MA (Music) and PhD in Traditional Folk Instruments of Bundelkhand” – Amit.

The unfathomable capabilities of Amit did not stop at just being a music maestro. In a very striking yet optimistic turn of events Amit gleefully revealed that he is fully capable of driving a car along with a navigator and drives himself everyday to work. “I have a driver who assists me throughout the drive and instructs me to use the technical parts of the car while driving and like this I manage it quite well”, said Amit with a proud proclamation.

But for every journey one needs an equally capable fellow traveler. Mr. Amit agrees to this and considers his wife Mrs Divyata Garg a blessing in his walk of life. Mrs. Garg herself is a classical singer and presently working with the same designation at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bhopal. She initiated music in her entity and soul at the age of 5, when she had her vision which eventually ceased to exist with time. Being a meritorious student throughout her school and college life, she maintained a good equivalence between her studies and music. She started stage performances when she was in 10th standard and has always been a social being. Divyata was a very active and an enthusiastic girl who always stood out of the crowd despite of her weakness. “Apart from singing, cooking and poetry writing are my second best hobbies. I have attended NSS camps where I inculcated the art of theatre as well”, Divyata smiled as she remembered her childhood days. She has been awarded with various prestigious laurels amongst which the most renowned ones are the Jyotirmaya Award (2011), The Ashthmohan Award (2012), and The National Award (2014) which she received from the President of India. The couple had released a music album in 2014 which was an example of optimism in itself where children who are visually challenged and also those children who do not possess the proper training in music, together have blended their voices into beautiful melodies.

Mrs.Devyani Garg performing at Panchaksahar Sangeet Samaroh
Mrs.Devyani Garg performing at Panchaksahar Sangeet Samaroh

When asked to share their panorama of life , they concluded by saying that the society still has to get out of its typical mindset which they have for people like us. It shouldn’t consider us as weak because we are “disabled” or incapable to perform tasks. Instead it should give us the encouragement to do the tasks ourselves and guide us to be self reliant and independent. Though Mr. & Mrs. Garg had to prove their skills and ability to change the perspective of the society and are still doing the same but they have always followed the path of hope and created opportunities out of their difficulties and have left behind a trail of laurels, success and achievements wherever they went.


Written by : Tanima Chakraborty | TOC      &    Compiled By : Nikhil Sharma | TOC



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