If you search Yann Borgstedt on the internet you might come across his TEDx talk and its explosively progressive and relevant title – Why should men invest in women. I feel this title weaves what Yann and his work stands for – tenacity, a knack for sustainable ventures, and an endless quest to bring in solutions for women repressed across the world.

Growing up in Geneva, Yann Borgstedt’s inherent quest to explore beyond the convention was almost set in stone. Early on, he started exploring faiths from a plethora of cultures including Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Catholicism, trying to somehow encapsulate the essence of life. This essence redefined what privilege stood for him. He always felt that growing up in Switzerland – a country where equality prospers and education is cherished – he was already privileged than 90% of the world’s population.  “If life has given me a lot, it comes with a certain sense of duty that comes with better and impactful participation in the society.”, he says.

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