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How youth in the remote pockets of Harda, M.P. were SYNERGIZED by a train of thought for change

In a country where democracy prevails; equality is followed; and fraternity is cherished; there are still many sections of the society where these practices exist only in the folded pages of a political science textbook. And It is not, indeed, a hidden story that we are not as free as we think we are.

Striving to fight these odds and induce harmony amongst people is an organisation in the Harda district of Madhya Pradesh called Synergy. Synergy was formed in the the year 2006 and has never looked back since. “We started as a group of 6 members and today we have doubled in multiples” said Mr Ajay, one of the strongest pillars of Synergy’s foundation.

“Harda has half the population of Dalits and Adivasis and regional disparities here are quite high” he reveals. In an inflammable diversity like this, Synergy in collaboration with Samjho toh Express,a 9 month long campaign initiated in 14 states by Commutiny -The Youth Collective which broke religious and social stereotypes amongst thousands of youngsters from diverse social backgrounds, is attempting to bring a sanguine compromise and understanding.

“We have a learnt a great deal through Samjho to Express and the work we do with them never stops pleasing us” said Ajay. The campaign has given them new hopes of overcoming every difficulty.

Youngsters today, especially in the remote pockets of our country, are opening up to new possibilities. Sharing an example from the activities of the campaign, he told us how they were able to change the perspective of a boy named Deenanath completely. There was a time when the boy didn’t even knew that humans existed in religions other than his own. But only when he spent some time with people from different communities, he understood the importance and bliss of unity in diversity. So Ajay reaffirms that it is of utmost importance that the youth be showed the right path so that they do not fall prey to this malice of discrimination.

So how are they envisaging this “we attitude” in the youth and removing the “me attitude”? He answers with a smile, “It is quite simple. Just let them experience the joy of practicing this attitude. Along with Samjho Toh Express we have been able to create situations, experiences and events so that the youth here is enabled to act in unison. It’s only after knowing someone you understand what they really are and once they know, there is no looking back”.

Be it child labour or communal riots, Harda has always been mired by the savage practices of discrimination and exploitation. Synergy and Samjho Toh Express has been able to stir the sentiments of the people that they need to ask the question they never asked :”WHY?”

This inquisitiveness has brought about a major change in people and now things are changing.  The view of the youngsters there is undergoing a tectonic shift. They are understanding diverse perspectives. They are accepting change. They are contemplating to change the world for better and Synergy, backed by the Samjho Toh Express, is to thank for it.

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